A La Carte Bespoke Kitchen Design Guide

Bespoke Kitchen Design Menu
Some of us in the John Bosco office have a confession to make, we love “Come Dine With Me”. Such easy watching TV that packs a few laughs and also gets me ready for dinner time. So much so, that we have recently used the format of the show to come up with an excuse to have dinner in our friends houses more often.
Meeting for dinner in friends houses is a great way to reconnect and and we all do the same thing, compliment each other on the homeware purchases, redecorating job or new appliances. There is something so satisfying about getting your friends feedback on the kitchen you specially cleaned to make it seem it always looks that way.
As a lot of our customers come to us looking for a dream kitchen that represents them and gives them a talking point at dinner parties, we thought it would be fun to make our own A-La-Carte menu for Bespoke Kitchen Design.
While we don’t recommend eating any of our suggestions, we do recommend you coming to see them in person at our showrooms.
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